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Five Games to Play While Multitasking

Published on May 20, 2011 by in editorial

Being the type of person that cannot just focus on one thing when I wish to relax, I tend to just flip on Netflix on my PC, iPad or Xbox 360 and play something on my console/PC as well.  That being said, the console is the device that gets muted, so I wanted to share some of my go to games for this form of relaxation.  Most of the following games are not super story driven or require a ton of close attention, therefore, you will see a ton of sports games, get over it.

Tiger Wood 12: The Masters

For me, a sports game will always fill this spot.  First because I just love sports, all of them, even soccer (or Football for you Brits).  Because golf is not a team sport, you can pace yourself.  If there is a super important part of a movie or show that has to be watched, you can leave your golfer on the course, even without pausing the game.  This is key to the multitasking experience.  Golf games, especially the “Road to the Masters” in this year’s title can basically go on forever or at least until the 2013 version of the game is released from EA.  It also does not hurt that I seem to win every tournament on the current setting (I can’t remember what it is, but it is the second tier of four).  Lastly, sports titles tend to drop in MSRP quite quickly, but if you do want to take this one online, you will need the EA Online Pass that probably isn’t available on used or rented version.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I know what you are thinking, an online shooter?  Geoff, are you kidding me?  No, not at all.  With the majority of players not using microphones, is sound really that important?  For me, no, because I have sunk at least a hundred hours into this game.  As long as you know the maps well and can follow onscreen prompts, you will be fine.  Sometimes I just feel like getting into a match and marking enemies for my teammates.  If you are looking for a super tactical, coordinated team, don’t invite me.

Trials HD

Remember this gem from Redlynx that was released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2009.  There have a few updates since then that added even more bone crushingly tough levels.  This game requires no sounds at all.  It is really all done by feel for me.  I know when a jump has been missed, and when to hit the “restart from checkpoint” button.

Any and All LEGO Games

Since its first game in 2005, I have played just about every single LEGO title released.  The latest, LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean is top notch.  Again, no need to play with sound, all you miss is some over the top music.  It is still funny because of the emotion that the LEGO characters exude.  Simple combat and the puzzle keep the game interesting.  And the amount of stud collection that needs to be done to get all the achievements requires a ton of time.  The earlier games are now very cheap, and well worth picking up to play while multitasking.

Team Fortress 2

Hats, hats and more hats.  I cannot stop myself.  This was MY game in college.  I played in the beta and picked up the Orange Box because of this game, it is timeless.  With an amazing, timeless art style, an insane amount of user created maps and even new weapons, it never gets old.  I also try to play as a medic because it is a commodity most servers are lacking, and I enjoy the healer class in most games.  With over 200 hours played, TF2 will always be in my Steam list and a game that I will come back to until the end of time.  In my opinion, Valve keeps making the game better with every single update, even though it has basically become a free-to-play online shooter with micro transactions, four years after release.


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