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Welkin Road (PC) Quick Look

Welkin Road is a new first person parkour platformer in the Unity engine from developer Gregor Panic.  Despite the initial similar look to other platformers, this quick look demonstrates that’s not really the case.  Fred takes you through the first level, which acts more as a tutorial, and discusses the finer points of controls and overall gameplay style.

Note: Keep in mind this is an early access game, which means that over the course of development it can change drastically.  Levels have already been reworked in the short period since release (9 days ago) and more changes are planned shortly.  Gamepad support is in development.  This should not be viewed as a review but rather a glimpse at a game you may want to get into at the ground floor to observe development and support in early stages.  Do not take any sort of review of this title as indication of the final product.

Welkin Road is currently available in Early Access on Steam ( for $12.99 and a review code was provided for this coverage.

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